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Take Control of Your Money

The $500 Cup of Coffee helps you balance present day choices with future needs by asking, “Why are you spending $500 for a cup of coffee?”

If you’re a baby boomer, like authors Steven Lome and David Kramer, you’re not.  But if you’re 20 or 30-something years old, consistent investment of small amounts adds up over time.  Due to the power of compound interest, the future value of one week of gourmet coffee could easily exceed $500.  

Take Control of Your Life

Taking a light-handed approach to the serious business of personal finance, the authors put your mind at ease by providing the inspiration and information you need to take control of your personal and financial life. They demonstrate that managing money is not difficult, investing is not scary, and that financial freedom is within your reach, especially if you’re young and invest your time and money wisely.

Information about personal finances


A how-to book that doesn’t tell you what to do, The $500 Cup of Coffee provides almost all of the information you need to think about education, work, home, and planning for the future. You’ll make better decisions and feel better about yourself.

Mrs. Moneysworth

Personal finances Inspiration


I was the first one in my family to go to college. I paid my own way through work and loans. In this iffy job environment, my debt sometimes feels overwhelming, but thanks to The $500 Cup of Coffee, I know I can achieve my financial goals. 

Justin Vlaoic University of Illinois Graduate

Means to succeed


More important than money is how you use it to make life better. With The $500 Cup of Coffee as your guide, you’ll achieve a better quality of life, free from credit card anxiety, by spending less and enjoying more.

Steve Woodward
President, Crate & Barrel

Major Life Savings Events

For Students

$100,000 in debt

Ashley F, a 24-year old college student, was afraid she wouldn’t graduate because she couldn’t pay for her final semester.  Though her story has a happy ending, she’s stuck with $100,000 in student debt.  Had she read The $500 Cup of Coffee, she could have completed her degree sooner without breaking the bank.

For Young Adults

The authors take a big picture view of personal finances by looking at work, family, and even happiness. This is a huge perspective shift from the basic “save now, spend later” approach that blinds young people to the full effects of their decisions.
      It wasn’t until I saw a financial advisor that I understood the big picture theory. That’s when I went, “Holy crap, this makes a lot of sense.” I have a feeling that a lot of people will have the same reaction when reading this book.

Jay R.

For Everyone

I wish there had been a book like this when I was a 20-something. It’s chock full of commonsense advice and manageable strategies to reduce debt, put one’s financial house in order, and plan for a secure future with as little pain as possible. As a 60-something, even I learned a few new tricks. Get this book for yourself, your kids, and grandkids and use it to start the conversation about money and financial planning.

Patricia L.