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The Secret to Building Wealth

The secret to building wealth is actually no secret at all: work hard, spend smart, save, and invest your money and time wisely. As every journey begins with a single step, slow and steady wins the race to financial independence. The determining factor isn’t the length of stride or the size of your deposit; it’s time. Small deposits, like small steps, add up mightily when given the time to grow.

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Kids Portfolio

Planning to pay for your kids college education? Take a look at the most influential companies during the first five years of their lives: Proctor & Gamble, Abbott, Mattel, Disney, Nike, etc. Investing in these companies when tthey’re young could help pay their way their college.

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Millennials: The Most On Your Own Generation

Millennials are the most over-analyzed generation ever, and perhaps with good reason. As they now outnumber baby boomers, they are today’s style and thought leaders. And without doubt, their love affair with technology has changed the way we communicate, work, think and even marry. They’re also more on their own than any generation since WWII when it comes to planning and saving for their future.

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