SEO is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies. Every successful content marketing strategy starts with a strong online presence. More specifically, using effective SEO to enhance your online presence makes it a lot easier to attract quality visitors. Here are the top 7 most effective ways to increase your search engine rankings.

1. Generate topical content

Your online presence is nothing without good content. Your email newsletter can be something that you can repurpose for content marketing. One simple thing you can do in conjunction with your newsletter is to send out a short blog post at the start of each month. It will allow your customers to stay up to date with the latest product information and upcoming specials. This will also help you to reach more potential customers.

2. Implement backlinks

Go ahead and go on Twitter or Google+ and see what kind of links and titles you can generate. The reason behind using backlinks is to get in touch with other website owners. In this way you can get more traffic and potentially turn some of those visitors into long-term loyal customers. What’s more, the pages that you find on the search engine results page will definitely aid in your SEO efforts.

3. Ask relevant questions

What other questions would your customers ask? Do you have any ideas on how they’d ask them? With email marketing, you can apply the same approach to your blog posts and emails. If you follow the advice of the top 10 best email marketing tips, your content will get much more exposure. In fact, some experts recommend using Q&A service such as Quora, Digg and WordPress.

4. Provide value to your customers

Your customer base grows through word of mouth. So make sure that your content is relevant to your customers and does something to offer value to them. With regular content updates, you can include news, highlights and sales stories. The search engine ranking plays a major role in attracting quality visitors, hence its important that your website’s content is interesting and helpful for your customers, and if you need to learn even more about SEO, you can find valuable resources for this in sites such as online.

5. Solicited customer testimonials

Content marketing is important when it comes to establishing a strong online presence. And it definitely does not mean that you have to send out free samples or offer free products for free. In fact, people are much more likely to give testimonials if they are excited to buy. Try to give your customers their money’s worth, and have them tell their friends. Also, try to create content which can help you to help your customers by adding a professional touch to the piece.

6. Provide value to your customers

Is it simply something that you want to do to increase the value of your product? If not, and you would rather provide value to your customers, this tip may not be of much help. The quality of your product and the customer’s experience are the main points when it comes to increasing traffic and sales. You may, however, make some minor changes to the product so that the customers can be as satisfied as you are.

7. Send out discounts and sales

In an email marketing campaign, you want to send out some value to your customers. This can be done through discounts or by sending out discounts for repeat customers. By doing this you can get great traffic, as well as sales in the long run.